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"There's more to comfort than simply installing air conditioners." - Eric McDonell, Owner
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Air Conditioning, Furnace and Duct Cleaning Experts in Cornwall & Area

We're here to give you clear and trusted HVAC info so you can make a more informed choice for comfort of your home or office.

We sell, repair and maintain Heating, Cooling and Ventilation systems for your home or office in Cornwall and S.D. & G. We're the area's only authorized Lennox Partner giving us access to high-quality and reasonably priced equipment so we can be sure to find the right unit at the right price for you.

Our focus is on the overall comfort of your home or office which means we're taking into consideration more than just the unit and equipment when evaluating your needs.

We want to give you as much information as you can handle so you can make a well informed decision when investing in your home's heating and cooling system. Check out our PROtips section to fund useful tips to help improve the comfort levels of your home or office.

A few Customer Reviews:

Superior service! Had the office follow up on my Lennox rebates when they hadn't gone through. Nice to see service past just the install of the equipment! Thanks!!

Rob Merriman

Eric and his group were great to deal with. Would highly recommend to anyone requiring installations or service!

Ian Henderson
PROtips #25

Continuously running your furnaces fan can improve the comfort level in your home as it can help clean the air and also reduce hotspots and cool spots throughout your house.

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Head Office in Cornwall:

1616 Pitt Street
Cornwall, ON K6J 3V2
(613) 938-9900

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